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Remembering New Orleans area baseball dads on Father's Day

Father’s Day is a good time to remember some of the noteworthy baseball dads who played at the high school level in the New Orleans area, followed by careers playing at the college or professional levels, as well as coaching. For many of the dads, their sons continued the baseball legacy by also playing prep, college or professional baseball.

Within the last year, Crescent City Sports featured a couple of fathers who were blessed to have multiple sons continue the family baseball tradition, including Henry “Doc” Cabeceiras, who had five sons play collegiately, and John Golden, with four sons, three of whom played for Southeastern Louisiana.

Several baseball-playing families spanned three generations. For example, the Wineski family featured nine ballplayers over three generations. Others include the Faust, Hughes, Schwaner, and Whitman families.

Below is a list of New Orleans area father-son combos. A number of fathers and sons have links to a Crescent City Sports article about their careers.




Terry Alario Sr. – Pitcher, West Jefferson HS; Northwestern State University (1966-1969); N-Club Hall of Fame

Terry Alario Jr. – Catcher, John Curtis Christian HS; Northwestern State University (1992-1994); N-Club Hall of Fame

Corey Avrard – Pitcher, Rummel HS; 3rd round draft pick of Cardinals (1994); Minors (1995-2003)

C.J. Avrard – Pitcher, Jesuit HS; Delgado CC (2015-2016)


Casey Avrard – Third baseman, Rummel HS

Gregg Barrios – Outfielder, Jesuit HS; Tulane (1981-1984); Minors (1984-1986)

Briggs Barrios Outfielder, Jesuit HS; Tulane (2011-2013)

Lou Blanda Sr. – Marrero HS; Tulane (1942-1943)

Lou Blanda Jr. – Pitcher, West Jefferson HS; Tulane (1963-1965)

Kenny Bonura – Infielder, De La Salle HS; UNO (1982-1985)

Kal Bonura – Infielder, Holy Cross HS; UNO (2010-2011)


Chip Bonura – Infielder, Holy Cross HS; Delgado CC (2016-2017)


Bret Bonura—Outfielder, Holy Cross HS; assistant coach at Holy Cross

Joe Brockhoff – Catcher, East Jefferson HS; Perkinson (MS) CC; Minors (1958-1959); Tulane head coach (1974-1993)

Joey Brockhoff – East Jefferson HS, Tulane (1982-1986)

David Burch – Pitcher, De La Salle HS; Southeastern Louisiana (1977-1979, 1981)

David Burch – Pitcher; Central Catholic HS; UNO (2007-2008); Nicholls State (2006)

Barry Butera Sr. – Outfielder, Jesuit HS; Tulane (1975-1977); 14th round draft pick of Red Sox (1977); Minors (1977-1980)

Barry Butera Jr. – Infielder, Jesuit HS; Boston College (2007-2009); 21st round draft pick of Astros (2009); Minors (2009-2010)


Blake Butera – Infielder, Mandeville HS, Boston College (2012-2015); 35th round draft pick of Rays (2015); Minors player (2015-2016); Minors manager (2018-present)

Ralph “Putsy” Caballero – Infielder, Jesuit HS; Signed as 16-year-old with Phillies (1944); Majors (1944-1952)

Robert Caballero – Outfielder, De La Salle HS; Loyola University; 20th round draft pick of Red Sox (1970); Minors (1970-1971)

Henry “Doc” Cabeceiras Jr. – American Legion and Babe Ruth coach

Jim Cabeceiras – Outfielder, Ridgewood HS; Southeastern Louisiana (1975-1978)


Henry Cabeceiras III – Pitcher, John Curtis Christian HS; Southeastern Louisiana (1984)


Joey Cabeceiras – Pitcher, Jesuit HS; UNO (1994-1997)


Larry Cabeceiras – Catcher/Infielder, Ridgewood HS; Tulane (1976-1979) 


Steven CabeceirasPitcher, De La Salle HS; Delgado CC (1973); UNO (1974-1975)

Joey Cabeceiras (see above)

Jake Cabeceiras – Infielder, Rummel HS; UNO (2021); Loyola University (2022); Baton Rouge CC (2023)

Larry Cabeceiras (see above)

Miles Cabeceiras – De La Salle HS; UNO (2005-2006)

Gary Cannizaro – Holy Cross HS; Southern Mississippi (1973-1976); High school coach

Andy Cannizaro –Infielder, St. Paul’s; Tulane (1998-2001); MLB (2006, 2008); head coach, Miss. State; Holy Cross HS coach


Lee Cannizaro -- Mandeville HS; Southern Mississippi


Garrett Cannizaro – Infielder, Mandeville HS; Tulane (2010-2013); Minors (2013)

Kevin Cantrelle – Holy Cross HS; Louisiana Lafayette (1994-1998)

Hayden Cantrelle – Infielder, Holy Cross HS, Louisiana Lafayette (2018-2020); Minors (2021-present)

Jim Cesario Sr. – Outfielder, UNO (1982-1983); 34th round draft pick of Rangers (1983); Minors (1983-1984)

Jimmy Cesario Jr. – Infielder, Jesuit HS; Delgado CC (2005-2006); University of Houston (2007-2008); 46th round draft pick of Rockies (2008); Minors (2008-2012)


Joey Cesario – Catcher, Jesuit HS; University of Houston (2009); Delgado CC (2010); UL Monroe (2011-2012

Kevin Collet – Holy Cross HS; Tulane (1987)

Christopher Collet – Outfield/Catcher, Holy Cross HS; Panola TX CC (2019-2020); Delgado CC (2021)

Neal Comarda – De La Salle HS; Tulane (1975-1978)

Jerad Comarda – Infielder, Jesuit HS; UNO (2006-2010)

Jack Cressend – Pitcher, Mandeville HS; Tulane (1994-1996); Majors (2000-2004); Scout, Los Angeles Dodgers

Cole Cressend – Pitcher, Mandeville HS; UL Monroe (2021-present)

Warren Cuntz – Outfielder, Jesuit HS; LSU (1981-1984)

Alex Cuntz – Infielder/Outfielder, St. Paul’s HS; Belhaven College (2012); Delgado CC (2013-2014)

Vince DeGrouttola – Pitcher, Rummel HS; Tulane (1974-1977); 37th round draft pick of Indians (1973), did not sign

Kevin DeGrouttola – Pitcher, Grace King HS; Delgado CC (2007-2008); UNO (2009-2010)

Sam Dozier – Catcher, Shaw HS, Tulane (1978-1981); Coach at River Oaks, St. Martin’s, Jesuit, Country Day

Matt Dozier –Outfielder, Jesuit HS

Ned Eades – Catcher; William Carey College; Minors (1967-1968); Northshore HS coach

Ryan EadesPitcher, Northshore HS; LSU (2011-2013); 19th round draft pick of Rockies (2010), did not sign; 2nd round draft pick of Twins (2013); Majors (2019)


Chris Eades – Catcher, Northshore HS; Delgado CC (2013, 2014); Southeastern Louisiana (2015-2016); 35th round draft pick of Pirates (2014), did not sign

John Faciane Sr.Pitcher/Third Baseman, Jesuit HS; Nicholls State (1981-1984)

Josh Faciane – Infielder, Jesuit HS; UL Monroe (2012-2016)


John Faciane Jr. – Catcher, Jesuit HS

Rick Farizo – Pitcher, De La Salle HS; LSU (1968-1971; 20th round draft pick of Reds (1967), did not sign

Brad Farizo – Pitcher, Shaw HS; 24th round draft pick of Marlins (1996); Minors (1997-2002)

Jean Faust –High school coach, Chalmette HS, Holy Cross HS; NORD All-American League coach

Doug Faust – Infielder, Chalmette HS, Delgado CC (1987), UNO (1988-1990); head coach Loyola University; High school coach


Donny Faust—Infielder, Redeemer HS; Delgado CC (1991-92)

Doug Faust (see above)

Brady Faust – Infielder, Brother Martin HS; Southern Miss (2020-present)

Billy Fitzgerald – Catcher, Jesuit HS; Tulane (1967-1969); 15th round draft pick of Giants (1968), did not sign; 5th round January-secondary phase draft pick, Braves (1969), did not sign; 1st round June-secondary phase draft pick, A’s (1969); Minors (1969-1973); High school coach

Robert Fitzgerald – Outfielder/Pitcher, Newman HS; University of Tennessee (2001-2005)

David Flettrich – Infielder, Jesuit HS; Tulane (1964-1966); 13th round draft pick of Indians (1965), did not sign; Minors (1967)

Kyle Flettrich – Pitcher, Shaw HS; Delgado CC (2017-2018); Southeastern Louisiana (2019-2021)

Brett Forshag – Infielder, Jesuit HS, LSU (1985)

Trent Forshag – Catcher, Jesuit HS; LSU (2016)

Hilton Fortier-Bensen – Redemptorist HS; Delgado CC (1975)

Tony Fortier-Bensen – Infielder, Jesuit HS; Delgado CC (2012-2013); High Point University (2014-2015)

Lenny Frazier – Catcher/Outfielder, Bonnabel HS; Delgado CC; UL Lafayette (1980-1981)

Lenny Frazier – Hannan HS, Delgado CC


Lance Frazier – Hannan HS

John Fury Jr. – Ecole Classique; Southeastern Louisiana (1972)

Trey Fury – Jesuit HS; Delgado CC (2003); Loyola University (2004-2006)

Andy Galy – Infielder, Jesuit HS; LSU (1985-1988)

Alex Galy – Infielder, Jesuit HS; Nicholls State (2019-2021)

Larry Gilbert Sr.Outfielder, Majors (1914-1915); Minor league manager, New Orleans Pelicans (1923-1938) and Nashville Vols (1939-1948)

Larry Gilbert Jr. -- Infielder, Jesuit HS; Minors (1937-1938)


Charlie Gilbert – Outfielder, Jesuit HS; Majors (1940-1947)


Tookie Gilbert – First Baseman, Jesuit HS; Majors (1950, 1953)

John Golden –Infielder, S. J. Peters HS; Minors (1946-1947)

Kenny Golden – De La Salle HS; Louisiana Lafayette


Pat Golden – Infielder, De La Salle HS; Southeastern Louisiana (1967-1970)


Wayne Golden – Infielder, Rummel HS; Southeastern Louisiana (1975-1978)


Steve Golden – Infielder/Outfielder, Rummel HS; Southeastern Louisiana (1978-1981)

Keith Graffagnini – First Baseman/Outfielder, De La Salle HS; Loyola University; Minors (1965-1969)

Todd GraffagniniPitcher, Jesuit HS; UL Monroe (1988); Assistant coach, Loyola University (1992-1993); New Orleans Zephyrs play-by-play announcer


Keith Graffagnini – Infielder, De La Salle; Tulane (1995-1998); 47th round draft pick of Dodgers (1994), did not sign; Minors (1998)


Jon Graffagnini – De La Salle HS; Loyola University


Kyle Graffagnini – Jesuit HS; Tulane (1992-1995)

James “Pel” Hughes – Infielder, Jesuit HS; Loyola University (1933-1937); Minors (Pelicans, 1945)

Vic Hughes – Catcher, Jesuit HS; Loyola University (1965-1968)

Vic Hughes (see above)

Brian Hughes – Outfielder, Jesuit HS; Tulane (1995-1998; Minors (1998-1999)


Jacques Jobert – Infielder, Salmen HS; Nicholls State (1998-1999)

Brayden Jobert – Outfielder/First Baseman, Northshore HS; Nicholls State (2020); Delgado (2021); LSU (2022-present)

Ronnie Kornick Sr. – Chalmette HS; UNO (1970-1972); High school coach

Ronnie Kornick Jr. – Infielder, Hannan HS; Delgado CC (1993-1994); Southeastern Louisiana (1997-1997)

Joey Latino – Pitcher/Infielder, De La Salle HS, Delgado CC; UNO (1982); coached at Hannan HS, De La Salle HS, Jesuit HS and Shaw HS

Christian Latino – Pitcher, Jesuit HS; Delgado CC (2015-2017)

Lance Licciardi Sr. – Outfielder, Chalmette HS; Southeastern Louisiana (1989-1990); Tulane (1991-1993)

Lance Licciardi Jr. – Catcher, Holy Cross HS; Loyola University (2013-2016)


Max Licciardi – Outfielder, Holy Cross HS; Belhaven (2022-2023)

Drew Lukinovich – Pitcher, Jesuit HS; Tulane (1977-1980)

Stephen Lukinovich – Pitcher, Jesuit HS; Delgado CC (2008); University of Louisiana Monroe (2011-2013)

Vince Manalla – Chalmette HS; Tulane (1981, 1983)

Jordan Manalla – Infielder, Rummel HS; Delgado CC (2011); UNO (2012)

“Oyster” Joe Martina – Pitcher, Minors (Pelicans, 1916, 1921-1923, 1925-1928); Majors (1924-1924)

Joe Martina Jr. – Infielder, St. Aloysius HS; Minors (1935)

Tommy Mathews – First Baseman, Redemptorist; Delgado CC; Tulane (1982-1984); 15th round draft pick of Cardinals (1984); Minors (1984-1986); High school coach

Grant Mathews – First Baseman, Country Day HS; Tulane (2017-2020); 38th round pick of Braves (2019), did not sign

Joe Matranga Jr. – Pitcher, S.J. Peters HS; Southeastern Louisiana (1953, 1955)

Joe Matranga III – Pitcher, Ecole Classique HS, UNO (1976-1980)

Malcolm McCall – Pitcher; New Orleans Academy HS; LSU (1951-53)

Mike McCall – Pitcher, De La Salle HS; LSU (1975-1977)

Paul Migliore – Infielder; East Jefferson HS; Tulane (1982); Delgado CC (1983); 13th round pick of Angels in January draft regular phase (1984), did not sign

Taylor Migliore – Pitcher, Rummel HS; Delgado CC (2012-2013)

Allan Montreuil Sr. – Infielder, De La Salle HS; Loyola University (1962-1963); Minors (1964-1975); Majors (1972)

Allan Montreuil Jr. – Infielder, River Oaks HS; Gulf Coast Miss. CC (1984); Delgado CC (1985)

Don Moreau – Jesuit HS; Coach at Loyola University (1990-2002)

Dave Moreau -- Infielder; De La Salle HS; UL Monroe (1978-1981)


Doug Moreau – Public address announcer, minor league, college, high school, NORD, JPRD; Official scorer, college

Ryan Moreci – Pitcher, Rummel HS; Delgado CC

Jake Moreci – Pitcher, Jesuit HS

John Morreale Jr. – Catcher/Pitcher/Infielder, De La Salle HS; Minors (1961)

John Morreale III – Infielder, De La Salle HS; George Wallace CC (1990); Delgado CC (1991); UL Monroe (1992-1993); Minors (1994-1996)

John Morreale III (see above)

Johnny Morreale IV—St. Martin’s, Millsaps (2023)

Pat O’Shea – Jesuit HS; Nicholls State; Coached at Shaw HS, Jesuit HS; assistant coach at Delgado CC

Ryan O’Shea – Pitcher, Mandeville HS; UNO (2006-2008); Minors (2008-2011)

Johnny Owen – Pitcher, Fortier HS; Tulane (1945-1949); Minors (1950-1953); High school coach

John Owen – East Jefferson HS; UNO (1974-1977)


Jim Owen – East Jefferson HS; Nicholls State (1977-1980)

Wally Pontiff Sr. – Pitcher - Redemptorist; Loyola University (1970-1972); Minors (1973-1974)

Wally Pontiff Jr.Infielder, Jesuit HS; LSU (2000-2002); 21st round draft pick of A’s (2002)


Nick Pontiff – Outfielder, Jesuit HS; LSU (2006-2009)

Tony Reginelli – Catcher, Tulane (1955-1957)

Reggie Reginelli – Outfielder Newman HS; Tulane (1980-1983)

Milt Retif – Infielder, Jesuit HS; Tulane (1952-1955); Head coach, Tulane (1967-1974)

Mickey Retif – Outfielder, Jesuit HS; Tulane (1975-1978)


Ken Retif – Infielder/Outfielder, Jesuit HS; Tulane (1977-1980)

Mike Riley – Jesuit HS; Tulane (1978-1981

Bubby Riley Outfielder, Jesuit HS; Delgado CC (2012-2013); 40th round draft pick of Cubs (2013), did not sign; North Carolina State (2014-2015)

Mike Romano – Pitcher, Chalmette HS; Tulane (1991-1993); 3rd round draft pick of Blue Jays (1993); Minors (1993-2004); Majors (1999); Played in Japan, Korea, and Mexico

Michael Romano – Pitcher, Mandeville HS; Spring Hill College (2017-2022)

Connie Ryan – Infielder, Jesuit HS; LSU (1939); Majors (1942-1954); Major League coach

Connie Ryan Jr. – Infielder, Jesuit HS; Loyola University


Al Ryan – Infielder, De La Salle HS; Univ. South Alabama (1970-1972); 17th round draft pick of Red Sox (1972); Minors (1972-1977)

Louis “Rags” Scheuermann – Infielder, Nicholls HS; Minors (1945); Head coach, Loyola University (1958-1971); Head coach, Delgado CC (1972-1990); Director, NORD AAABA program; Head coach, AAABA Boosters

Joe ScheuermannRedemptorist HS; Tulane (1983-1984); Head coach and AD, Delgado CC (1990-present); Head coach, NORD AAABA Boosters

Larry Schneider Sr. – Infielder, Jesuit HS; Tulane (1965-1967); High school coach

Larry Schneider Jr. – Catcher, Rummel HS; Tulane (1991-1994); 9th round draft pick of Indians (1992), did not sign

Tom SchwanerInfielder, St. Aloysius; Loyola University (1958-1959); Minors (1959-1962); High school coach; Head coach, UNO (1986-1999)

Jeff Schwaner – Infielder, Brother Martin; Louisiana Tech (1984-1988); High school coach

Jeff Schwaner (see above)

Tyler Schwaner – Pitcher, Northlake Christian HS; UNO (2014); Jones County Miss CC (2015); UL Monroe (2016-2017)

Scott Schwaner – Outfielder, Slidell HS, UNO (1982-1985)

Nick Schwaner – Infielder/Outfielder, Slidell HS; UNO (2007-2010); 42nd round draft pick of Giants (2009), did not sign; 30th round draft pick of Rays (2010); Minors (2010-2014)


Taylor Schwaner – Infielder, Holy Cross HS; Southeastern Louisiana (2015-2018)

Brian ShearmanPitcher, Jesuit HS; Tulane (1981-1984)

Brandon Shearman - Pitcher, Jesuit HS; Delgado CC (2012-2013)

Larry Scott – De La Salle HS; NORD coach and supervisor

Ryan Scott – Outfielder, Rummel HS; Tulane (2007); Delgado CC (2008-2009); Loyola University (2010-2011)

Armand Sinibaldi – Pitcher, Holy Cross HS; UNO (1982-1983)

Justin Sinibaldi – Pitcher, Rummel HS; Nicholls State (2013-2016)

David Smith – Shaw HS; Delgado CC; Tulane (1986-1987)

David Smith – Pitcher, Brother Martin HS; Southeastern Louisiana (2008)

Irving St. Pe Sr. – Pitcher, Minors (1951-1956)

Irving St. Pe Jr. – Pitcher, Riverdale HS; Minors (1989-1990)

Ray Staub Sr. – Catcher, St. Aloysius HS, Minors (1937-1938); High school coach

Daniel “Rusty” StaubOutfielder/First Baseman, Jesuit High School, Majors (1963-1985)


Raymond “Chuck” Staub Jr. – Outfielder, Jesuit HS; Minors (1962-1962)

David Theriot Sr. – Pitcher, Chalmette HS; UNO (1982-1986)

David Theriot Jr. – Pitcher, Mandeville HS; Delgado CC (2019-2021); Texas Weslyan (2022)

Christopher Turpin – Catcher, Holy Cross HS; Tulane (1987-1988)

Chris Turpin – Pitcher, Holy Cross HS; Delgado CC (2017-2018); UNO (2019-2021)

Kennneth Vial – Hahnville HS; UL Monroe (1978-80)

Jared Vial – Hahnville HS; LSU Shreveport (2012-2016)


Brooks Vial – Hahnville HS; Delgado CC (2014-2015); Virginia Commonwealth (2016-2017)

Paul Waguespack – St. Charles Catholic HS; Delgado CC; Coached at St. Charles Catholic

Chris Waguespack – Catcher/First Baseman, St. Charles Catholic HS; Delgado (2008-2009); Louisiana Christian University (2010-2011)

David Ward – Infielder, Brother Martin HS; UNO (1984-1987); Minors (1987)

Austin Ward – Outfielder, Northlake Christian HS; Louisiana Tech (2014)

Frankie Watts – Shaw HS, Delgado CC; Southern University

Frankie Watts Jr. – Outfielder, Ehret HS; Delgado CC (2014)

David Welch – Pitcher, Holy Cross HS; Delgado (1989-1990); Tulane (1991-1992); 28th round draft pick of Indians (1992); Minors (1992-1995)

Chandler Welch – Pitcher, Holy Cross HS, Tulane (2022)

Chris Westcott – Pitcher, Delgado CC (1991-1992); 13th round draft pick of Indians (1992, did not sign; UNO (1994); 21st round draft pick of Red Sox (1994); Minors (1994, 1999)

Christian WestcottInfielder/Pitcher, Lakeshore HS; Southeastern Louisiana (2021-2022); Delgado CC (2023)



Robert Whitman Sr. – Metairie HS; Tulane (1948-1950); Head Coach, Tulane (1959)

Robert Whitman Jr. – Rummel HS, Tulane (1970-1973)

Robert Whitman Jr. (see above)

Robert Whitman III – Infielder, Rummel HS, Tulane (2004-2008)

Lou Wineski Jr. – Holy Cross HS; Loyola University

Lou Wineski III – Infielder, Holy Cross; Nicholls State (1978-1982); High school coach


Ray Wineski – Infielder Holy Cross HS, Tulane (1988-1989); High school coach


Bobby Wineski – Holy Cross HS

Lou Wineski III (see above)

Ben Wineski – Holy Cross HS


Paul Wineski – Holy Cross HS; Delgado CC (2004-2005); Nicholls State (2006-2007); High school coach

Bobby Wineski (see above)

Robert Wineski – Infielder/Pitcher, Harvard University (2010-2013)


Daniel Wineski – Pitcher, Miss. Gulf Coach CC (2011-2012); Southern Miss. (2013-2014)

Ray Wineski (see above)

Peyton Wineski – Infielder, Fontainebleau HS; Bishop State (AL) CC (2016-2017)

William Young Sr. – Redemptorist HS; Delgado CC; UNO (1975-1978)

William Young Jr. – Crecent City Christian HS; Delgado CC (2005-2006)

Joe Zimmerman – Pitcher, Shaw HS; LSU (1985-1987)

Ryan Zimmerman – Outfielder, Fontainebleau HS; Northwestern State University (2020-present)

Paul Zimmerman – Jesuit HS; UNO (1971-1972)

Joe Zimmerman – Pitcher, De La Salle HS; UNO (2009-2010); Louisiana Lafayette (2011-2012)


The above list is by no means exhaustive of all the baseball father-son combinations from the New Orleans area. Readers can send updates to Richard Cuicchi at He maintains a database of high school ballplayers from the New Orleans area who also played at the college and professional levels. Click here to view a current list of over 2,000 players sorted alphabetically and click here to retrieve the player list sorted by high school.

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