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The Team Nobody's Talking About

The Red Sox, Astros, and Yankees have been getting the most ink as the three best teams in the American League.  It’s been well-deserved, as all three teams have balanced clubs and lots of star players.  The Red Sox appear to be on a pace to win the most games in a season since the Seattle Mariners in 2001.  The Astros seem determined to repeat as the World Series champion, which would be the first time since 2000 that was accomplished.  And even though the Yankees suffered a dramatic setback in their recent four-game loss to the rival Red Sox, they are still a cut above most of the rest of the league.

But one team that seems to get lost in the popularity war is AL Central Division leader Cleveland Indians.  Even the upstart Oakland A’s are getting more attention, because of their recent success and ascent as a wild-card contender.

Yet the Indians have been quietly separating themselves from the rest of the teams in their division, now more than ten games ahead of their nearest competitor.  Admittedly they are competing in the weakest division of both leagues this season, but they’re playing solid baseball in any case.  They’ll be assured of a playoff berth and will be getting geared up during the rest of the season to play the underdog role.

In reality, the Indians are no stranger as a top team in the American League.  Just two years ago, they were on their way to winning their first World Series since 1954, until the Chicago Cubs miraculously came back from a 3-1 game deficit to win their first title in over 100 years.  The Tribe won 102 games last year, only to lose to the Yankees in the Division Series.

Cleveland is close behind the Red Sox and Yankees in many offensive categories.  The Indians are being led by shortstop Francisco Lindor and third baseman Jose Ramirez, who will get considerable consideration as the league’s MVP.  Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez are the front-runners for the award because of their respective roles in the record-setting season of the Red Sox.  But a closer look at Ramirez’s record shows he’s right up there with them in all the key offensive stats except batting average.  In any other season, Lindor would be a worthwhile MVP candidate, too.

The Indians’ starting pitching is virtually tied with the Red Sox’s as the best in league, when considering Wins Above Average.  At the top of the Indians’ rotation are Corey Kluber and Trevor Bauer, both of whom can compete with anyone in the league when key games are on the line.

If the Indians have a current weakness, it’s their bullpen, which lags behind most of the other top teams.  However, they will get a much-needed boost from Andrew Miller, who has recently returned from two months on the disabled list, and Brad Hand who was acquired from San Diego before the trade deadline.

Because their lead in the division will be practically uncontested for the balance of the season, the Indians will have the luxury of strategically resting players and trying different lineup combinations as they get ready for the playoffs.  They just have to make sure they don’t get too complacent with their unchallenged lead.

Indians manager Terry Francona relishes the underdog role.  He realizes that Cleveland won’t garner as much attention as the higher-profile franchises like New York, Boston, and Houston.  He’s okay with that situation.  As the winner of two World Series titles as the manager for Boston, he fully understands the pressures that come with being a big-market team.  At this point, he’ll be happy to let those other teams deal with the added pressure, while his Indians fly under the radar.


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