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It's time for baseball to get going

Last week the MLB owners agreed on an approach to start the MLB regular season. The MLBPA must now ratify their recommendations. There appear to still be hang-ups in how the owners and players will divide the revenue and how much salary reduction will be imposed on the players in this shortened season. As usual, the money ends up driving how things will work. I hope both parties come to their senses and get on the same page real soon. For a lot of reasons, it’s time to get the baseball season underway.


Baseball fans are getting nervous. They don’t want to have to watch Korean Professional Baseball on an ongoing basis. It’s okay as a temporary diversion during the sports drought, but it’s just not the same as Major League Baseball.


The NFL has published its 2020 schedule.  The Premier League in the UK has a plan to get their season moving ahead. NASCAR ant the PBA Tour have plans. Fans of those sports know what to expect now.  MLB needs to follow suit quickly.


MLB will make a big mistake with its fans by letting the dollars get in the way and continuing to delay the start of the regular season. The optics are not good with a disagreement over economics.  A breakup over money will not be received well by fans who have lost their jobs or taken salary reductions and see a cloudy future for the return of their own economic stability.


Baseball is part of Americana.  The owners and players have a joint responsibility to make sure they don’t ruin that.


Sure, there are a lot of issues that must be worked out, and it won’t be easy. MLB teams have severe cash flow problems with no revenue coming in. Traditional revenue sharing among the clubs must be revisited. The players’ union contends the current proposal for splitting the revenue between players and owners is analogous to a salary cap. Players are already taking salary reductions because of fewer games, but don’t want further reductions because they will be playing without fans in attendance. There’s a question of whether players can be forced to return, if they don’t want to expose themselves to the conditions they will be playing under. Both sides want to limit their risks if the revised regular season and post-season schedules don’t play out because there are further problems with the virus. Neither side wants to accept interim terms that will jeopardize their ability to negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement scheduled for next year.


There is a lot of pressure on MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred to start the season. He said publicly he was optimistic that the two parties would come work out the economics and come to an agreement. It won’t be perfect for either side. But the parties need to be reminded that most people across the country are already forced to make sacrifices in their livelihood. Something is better than nothing when it comes to getting play underway.


There’s a new normal being developed as we work our way through the pandemic.  I’d prefer that major league baseball is still part of the new normal.  I know it sounds drastic that there would be a future without baseball as we know it, but there are some other crazy things going on right now. (Look at what’s happening in some of the college sports conferences.)


We’ve learned enough about the history of the game while in this period of isolation by having to watch replays of old games and re-hashing old baseball arguments of past years. It’s time to start creating new history by getting the players on the field right now. It’s time for baseball to get going.


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1. Steve Ventsam | May 18, 2020 at 07:22 AM EDT

I couldn't agree more, we need sports to start again!! I hope the economics don't get too much in the way, but I fear they will in some sports. #tiredofreruns

2. Richard Cuicchi | May 24, 2020 at 08:00 PM EDT

Thanks for the note, Steve. I hope we don't wind up having to say \Wait til next year.\

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