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Family Ties Baseball Quiz No. 2

The following quiz tests your knowledge of baseball’s family relationships.  Answers will be provided next week as "comments" to this blog post.  Check back to see how you did.

1.    Which Major Leaguer did not have a brother who played in the minor leagues?

a.      Barry Bonds

b.      Ken Griffey, Jr.

c.      Carl Yastrzemski


2.    Which Major Leaguer had twin brothers who played in the minor leagues?

a.      Mickey Mantle

b.      Red Schoendienst

c.      Ken Boyer

d.      None of the above


3.     Which Major Leaguer had two sons in professional sports, one in the Major League Baseball and one in the NFL?

a.      Tony Gwynn

b.      Doc Prothro

c.      Yogi Berra


4.    Match the Major League Baseball player and his wife in another major sport

       a. Don Drysdale

d.      Mia Hamm (Olympic Soccer)

      b. Ray Knight

e.      Ann Meyers (WNBA)

.     c. Nomar Garciaparra

f.        Nancy Lopez (LPGA)


5.   Which Major League General Manager’s daughter was selected in the Major League Draft in 1993?

a.      Ron Schueler

b.      Pat Gillick

c.      Syd Thrift


6.    Match the Major League pairs of brothers-in-law

      a. Joe Cronin

d.      Milt Stock

      b. Eddie Stanky

e.      Roy Smalley II

      c. Gene Mauch

f.       Sherry Robertson


7.    Which of the Major League Alou brothers was the father of Major Leaguer Moises Alou?

a.      Matty Alou

b.      Felipe Alou

c.      Jesus Alou

d.      None of the above


8.   Which Major League father-son combination had the most number of major league years in their combined careers?

a.      Jim and Mike Hegan

b.      Barry and Bobby Bonds

c.      Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr.


9.   Which set of Major League brothers never appeared as teammates in a major league game?

a.      Stephen and Barry Larkin

b.      Paul and Rick Reuschel

c.      Stephen and J. D. Drew

d.      None of the above


10.  Which set of Major League brothers hold the record for most combined home runs in a major league season?

a.      Joe and Vince DiMaggio

b.      Hank and Tommie Aaron

c.      Jason and Jeremy Giambi

The above questions represent just a few of the items of information in my book, Family Ties: A Comprehensive Collection of Facts and Trivia About Baseball’s Relatives.  It is a fantastic reference book with 363 pages containing extensive research about baseball’s family relationships.  Family Ties can be purchased at or online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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1. Richard Cuicchi | September 29, 2013 at 08:16 PM EDT

The answers to Family Ties Baseball Quiz II are:

1. (c) Yastrzemski

2. (a) Mantle

3. (c) Berra

4. (a) and (e) Drysdale and Myers

(b) and (f) Knight and Lopez

(c) and (d) Garciaparra and Hamm

5. (a) Schueler

6. (a) and (f) Cronin and Robertson

(b) and (d) Stanky and Stock

(c) and (e) Mauch and Smalley

7. (b) Felipe Alou

8. (c) Griffeys

9. (c) Drews

10. (c) Giambis

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